Reduce your product returns and control this costly beast

Working together ensures you’ll have clarity on the best practices in Reverse Logistics, which will ease the pain of product returns.

Cliff Locks delivers top strategies for improving reverse logistics, always delivering best-in-class solutions broken down in simple to follow logical steps. 

The solutions are specific to your team’s needs. They are based on the ‘golden nuggets’ within your data that many clients are collecting internally, through the eCommerce and retail partners, third party logistics (3PLs), repair centers and refurbish, and the secondary markets. The data never lies; you need the expertise to interpret the data to turn it into functional decision trees. Many times, clients are too close to the data to recognize the patterns. I live at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and Reverse Logistics. It’s magical, and it can save you millions of dollars in costs. Let’s work together.

When products are returned for service under warranty, we must verify you did sell this product. Is there a gray market, is our Asian manufacture overproducing and selling direct without our knowledge? This happens more than you think. Capturing serial numbers and sales channels is key.

We will talk about the opportunities of sharing information with other parts of your organization and learn how to strategize with all other departments and support those efforts, in order to share the data with them. We will work together to format the data to their specific needs, so they can easily appreciate and benefit from your expertise. It’s important to be recognized as a team player with long-term viable and vibrant solutions for their specific needs.

Let’s collaborate to make specific data accessible throughout the design process. Consequently, product teams, marketers, designers, and engineers will have ample opportunities to integrate enhanced features and capabilities into the product development lifecycle. For instance, if a high number of returns are labeled ‘No Trouble Found,’ and the underlying reason is inadequate packaging or instructions, those issues may be rectified without making large-scale, costly product modifications. Many businesses might use valuable consumer data to create better, more marketable goods by automating data collection, resulting in lower returns.

We will cover how a simple product photo on the retail packaging created trailer loads of product returns. Something as simple as the inner flaps on the carton having a gap and not meeting caused the consumer to score the top of the product when they used a kitchen knife to open the carton. This simple packaging design flaw created trailer loads of product returns and tens of millions of dollars in losses for a single client. It didn’t even require remanufacturing the box, and a simple corrugated insert could have resolved the issue. Another example, wiring too close to a heating element created a fire condition and millions of dollars in cost for the recall and lawsuits for the kitchen fires—all preventable. All are preventable and easily fixable. We will see more returns as we add more IoT devices that claim to be plug-and-play in industry and in the home.