Reverse Logistics Solutions revolutionizes how leading retailers and brands handle, organize, and sell returned and surplus inventory. Our unique returns experience solution increases customer loyalty by providing easy-to-use tools for returns, such as a completely branded returns site and immediate reimbursement for consumers who return or exchange items. Our data-driven Returns Management system routes inventory through the reverse supply chain to the most lucrative location, lowering costs and increasing speed-to-stock while minimizing landfill trash. Finally, our E-commerce solution unlocks maximum value by linking returned goods with buyers on outlet and secondary channels.

We’re seeking people who can work well with others, are resourceful, unorthodox, sensible, and hungry. An ideal applicant will be eager to work in a fast-paced, high-energy atmosphere and be enthusiastic about the job we accomplish

Employees are heavily engaged in day-to-day operations and can influence the company’s direction. Employees at all levels interact, give input, and directly affect our business since we have a flat organizational structure.

Candidates will have the chance to begin the interview process with an informal phone discussion with our talent team, followed by a series of in-person interviews with prospective peers, members of our management team, and our co-founders, among other individuals. In some cases, you may be required to perform extra exercises to demonstrate your proficiency with particular job elements.

Yes! We are constantly on the lookout for intelligent, dedicated, and hardworking people to join our team. Simply send your resume to the “General Corporate” vacancy on our Careers Page, and we will contact you with opportunities that match your qualifications. Please keep an eye on our Careers Page as we often add new positions.

How can we help you?

Contact us to start working together ensures you’ll have clarity on the best practices in Reverse Logistics, which will ease the pain and reduce product returns.

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