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How Does Reverse Logistics Solutions Work?

In the reverse logistics process, coordinating product returns, warranty claims, repairs, and selling excess inventory and the resources to coordinate these functions are essential. The Process is also in charge of coping with any off-lease products or refurbishing that may be required. In various sectors, reverse logistics management takes on different forms. There are different economic motivations for enhancing reverse logistics management. The main objective is to reduce costs, enhance the customer experience, reduce waste and data acquisition.


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Outdoor and Sports gear

For instance, reverse logistics includes efficient solutions for both eCommerce and retailer product returns. It encompasses the organization of returned items such as clothing and accessories, electronics, shoes, beauty, personal items, outdoor and sports gear, and food. Every product return needs a disposition, even empty tap containers in the beverage sector. Beverage manufacturing businesses seek to reuse their containers. This involves transit planning, shipment loads management, and container cleaning.

A Complete Returns Solution for Retailers and Brands

Reverse Logistics Solutions is a consulting company that works with manufacturer brands, eCommerce, retailers, 3PLs, refurbishers & remanufacturers, and the secondary markets to increase efficiencies, which leads to new business, reduced costs, and waste.

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What is included in the reverse logistics business model?

Reverse logistics services:

    1. Receive returns into to your warehouse or a third party outside partner (3PL), scan, verify that it is your product, issue a refund or a credit, inspect, test& capture data for analysis, refurbishment, remanufacture, resell, donate, harvest parts, recycle, or scrap the remains. I am an expert at refurbishing and remanufacturing and often manage to combine two damaged product returns that can be remanufactured to make one good unit resold into the secondary market.
    2. Accelerate and monitor supply chain management of reverse logistics
    3. Warranty and Repair returned products to be repackaged for customer return or used for equivalent exchange.
    4. TMS Software Solution – transportation management software. Including powerful AI tools to automate your logistics to save on freight costs. Real-time visibility, Transportation management, and integrated partner network.



only 5 percent of returns are related to actual product defects



27 percent of consumer returns are attributed to buyer’s remorse



68 percent of returned products are characterized as “No Trouble Found” when the product was tested against relevant specifications



In order to stay competitive in today’s market, you need to have a plan for all of your returned products.


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