Let’s Build Something Together

We’re transforming a sector, and we’ll need talented people to help us achieve our goals. When we work together, our company grows. We work together to address major retail issues and reduce brand carbon footprints. 

Our Benefits

Take time when you need it

We always provide flexible paid time off. We all work very hard to get things done, and we understand the value of taking a break, whether it's climbing in the Alps or having a relaxing sleep at home. Are you feeling unwell? Do you have a child on the way? We also make certain that you have paid sick and parental leave.

Grow alongside the company

We understand that our company would be nothing without our workers, and we want to invest as much in you as you do in us. To show our dedication, we provide robust stock option programs. We also set aside funds for professional development and offer skill-based seminars—from Excel training to management—so you may continue to gain experience.

Maintain your wellness

We're dedicated to keeping you healthy in every way possible. We provide health, dental, vision, life insurance, and a gym membership to help you stay healthy.

Share your impact together

We believe that giving back is in our DNA and that all of our workers should participate. We partner with local groups to assist others while spending time together, from serving soup meals to growing local food.


How can we help you?

Contact us to start working together ensures you’ll have clarity on the best practices in Reverse Logistics, which will ease the pain and reduce product returns.

The solutions are specific to your team’s needs. They are based on the ‘golden nuggets’ within your data that many clients are collecting internally, through the eCommerce and retail partners, third party logistics (3PLs), repair centers and refurbish, and the secondary markets. The data never lies; you need the expertise to interpret the data to turn it into functional decision trees. Many times, clients are too close to the data to recognize the patterns. I live at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and Reverse Logistics. It’s magical, and it can save you millions of dollars in costs. Let’s work together.

Clifford Locks
Founder and President of Reverse Logistics Solutions

I have worked with Cliff over the past 3 years on a wide array of projects and I have been impressed with each and every project he has worked on for me! His recommendations are insightful and actionable. He is a very reasonable person and considers constraints when giving business advice.

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-President and CEO

“You played a large part in helping us to achieve our goals. You were able to maintain some degree of order while allowing all the participants to contribute in a way in which they felt recognized and their input valued…. Your perseverance would not allow us to rest on our insights. We appreciate your gentle insistence on our devising a concrete plan of action.”

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– First Vice President

“Cliff really is insightful and a good mediator. He offers a really good forum for us to meet weekly to discuss short & long term goals. I find that I hear things from my associate that I didn’t know he was thinking. It’s an organized weekly phone call … geared toward corporate direction and individual leadership growth. Cliff … draws the answer and direction out of each client and helps them move themselves forward. The weekly consistency really drives the process forward effectively.”

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– President

Looking for a First-Class Reverse Logistics Consulting Solution?

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